International Supper Club

I should start my first blog post off by letting you know that I am not a food blogger. I don’t generally create my own recipes (maybe someday!), but I do LOVE to cook. Not only do I love to cook, I love to entertain. When I cook something new or especially delicious, I want to share it with people. Over the last few years, this hobby has grown into something I refer to as my international supper club. Every so often, I select a country, often inspired by an upcoming trip or a particularly good book I’ve read, and I create a menu full of traditional dishes. These menus are complete with cocktails, entrées, and desserts…sometimes even regional music or activities. To my fiancé’s constant irritation, I always plan way too many dishes and we’re left with more food than the refrigerator can hold. I spend too much money on exotic ingredients and an entire day (or more) cooking something that I have never even eaten before, and then invite my close friends over to share in the bounty. We sit around for hours enjoying the food and good company which is a nice break from our technology-filled, daily lives.

My love for cooking may be rivaled only by my love for spreadsheets and organization. Each time I host an international supper club, I keep meticulous notes on what recipes I use, tips and tricks I discover along the way, and our comments on the final products. I’m writing this blog in the hopes that others that love trying new foods have a resource for planning a complete, themed dinner with minimal hassle.

I hope that in reading these posts, I inspire other people to join in the fun and experience the world through food and friends, as I do.

Cheers to you, and happy cooking!


3 thoughts on “International Supper Club

  1. Wow this is so awesome! I’m a firm believer in connecting over food and I’m so glad to see that someone else is passionate about it as well! But I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit reluctant to cook all the food (instead of have a potluck) because I’m not super confident in my cooking skills (although I love to cook).


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